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Sep. 3rd, 2010

Waffle Heart

0004. Get A Job

I can officially cross goal 0004. Get A Job of my list, as it was accomplished two days ago. I've already put in a good fifteen hours. :]
Also, goal 0078. I'm now talking to my old friend from Miso, Christine. We've been discussing art and such.

Here is list of goals 0051-0080:
0051. Write 200 letters.
0052. Finish cleaning/organizing my game room.
0053. Buy the following items:
a. 42"+ flat screen television
b. Entertainment system
c. The black Wii
d. The new XBox 360
e. A bookshelf
f. A laptop
g. A couch
h. Two media racks for movies/games
i. A professional camera
j. A video recorder
k. PS3
0054. Make a bar of soap.
0055. Paint a pair of white sneakers.
0056. Ride a rollercoaster.
0057. Create a mix CD with sleeve cover for Thomas
0058. Complete watching all of Doctor Who up to season six. [1/6]
0059. Illustrate a book
0060. Keep my job for six months.
0061. Visit the library fifteen times. [1/15]
0062. Teach myself Physics.
0063. Sell my unwanted items on craigslist.
0064. Watch Scott Pilgrim five times. [2/5]
0065. Get a pedicure.
0066. Get a manicure.
0067. Visit a spa.
0068. Stay the night in a five-star hotel.
0069. Have a TrueBlood sleepover with Krista in Atlanta, Georgia.
0070. Buy comfortable soles for my work shoes.
0071. Fill out my application for Gamestop.
0072. Become better at DDR.
0073. Go to the movie theater twenty times this year.
0074. Pay off my library fee of $9.10.
0075. Find a use for my savings account.
0076. Learn to knit.
0077. Get all of my stuff out of my old apartment.
0078. Reconnect with old friends.
0079. Visit the Salvation Army.
0080. Receive money for recycling my coke cans.

Sep. 1st, 2010

Waffle Heart


"Hope your peanuts are free, because I just ate a bunch of them."

This is what some random man said to me as he was pushing peanuts into his mouth. Yes, the peanuts are free and I am so enjoying my first day on the job. It's basically busy-work. Sweep the floor, wipe the table, refill the straws, windex the windows. So on. I even get the occasional laugh. For example, an elderly woman approached me as I was on my way to take out the trash and she says to me as she points to my manager, "Now, what is that little Mexican boy's name? I just can't remember." Typically, this isn't funny, but hearing it in such a grandmotherly voice that sounds like it wants to offer you cookies and then crotchet, it is. And the fact she called my manager a little Mexican boy when he's a thirty-year-old Hispanic man.

For break, I ate a grilled cheese with bacon in it, cooked by my very own boyfriend. As we sat down and started to eat, Thomas points out the cork board on the wall. It's a board full of index cards that customers have drawn on their opinions about Five Guys. I spy this card:

In case you can not read what that says, it says: "I'd rather have a bigger bun to wrap around my meat." Oh yeah. I took it home.

I still want to earn money while my lazy butt sits on the computer, thinking of ways to make more money for this trip. Thomas' mom laid out all the expenses we'll be having: my insurance, Thomas' insurance, my cellphone, the rent, gas, food...and so it doesn't look like things are going too well for right now. I have pretty decent hours this week, but only because I have Thomas' schedule until I'm in the computer. After that, I probably won't be making that much money. Sooo, I signed up for ChaCha. ChaCha is like KGB, but the service is free. You text in your question to ChaCha, and I am applying for the person that answers you. I just finished the training videos and took the Readiness Test. Now I wait like a week or something to hear back to see if I'm hired, and if I am, I'm paid $0.10-$0.20 for each question I answer depending on how I answer it. It won't be decent money, but it will be enough when I'm broke as shit and we need $5.00 for gas.

So, wish me luck. Chyeah.

Aug. 27th, 2010

Waffle Heart

Marco's Pizza

Yesterday, I think I truly became inspired as I pulled into Krista's driveway and she introduced me to her line of Lush products. Not only do they smell amazing, but they're so organic that they actually expire. Oh yeah, about the part of me being inspired. As she's going through the website and I'm slowly getting tipsy off of Pomegranate Lemonade + Raspberry Vodka = Yum, I realized there was a picture of a man stirring something in a large container and it said, "Watch Reggie Make Our Soap."



Not sure, but I think this is on my list of 1001 goals. Also, speaking of which, when I left Krista's house, I left with a whopping two volumes of Julia Child's source for French cooking. I plan on reading through a few of the tips and recipes, and then I'll maybe watch the movie after I make one of her meals. Jeez, I was just inspired again. I want to make cheesecake flavored maple syrup. The recipe for imitation syrup looks pretty easy (I say imitation because it doesn't look like I have maple trees sprouting from my streets here in Montgomery.)

On to other things. Yesterday, I was introduced to Brittany, Krista's friend. To be honest, I've been out of the loop for awhile when it comes to my friends, so since I had entered the recluse stage of this adoption, my friends had to acquire other friends (I'm sorry). Low and behold, I introduce her to my other best friend, Dale. We have now set a date for next week (Krista, Thomas, Dale, Brittany, and I) so they can sit down and talk for awhile, and then I'll go see Scott Pilgrim for the third time and scream envious thoughts in my head about Ramona's hair. I wish I had it. :[ For now, I will sit here and enjoy the cheese bread that Krista and I bought from Marco's to enjoy girl night with. We watched The Crazies and then spent hours googling how to make soap and soapish products for our line, Zeep Ecobars with Lush facial masks on. My face is as moisturized as a newborn's pancreas.

The first bar of soap I plan on making is a vanilla coconut fragrance soap with coconut hairs for exfoliation. I plan on calling it Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear. FWWAB (fuh-wab) for short, obviously.

Also, yesterday, I did horrible things to a jacuzzi in Sturbridge Commons. I blame this on alcohol and a strong love for my domestic partner.
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    Add the 1/2 teaspoon of maple flavoring to the syrup. You use up to 1 teaspoon, or even more, to your taste.

    Optional: imitation butter flavoring can also be added to this syrup if you want. And some people add 1 tsp. of vanilla flavoring. Just experiment until the syrup tastes just the way you want it to.

  • 3

    The syrup will thicken a little as it cools.

  • 4

    Pour hot syrup over pancakes, waffles, or french toast covered with butter. Enjoy.

Aug. 24th, 2010

Waffle Heart

Happy Birthday To My Scott Pilgram

Scott Pilgram Vs. The World Original Motion Picture SoundtrackI'm broke. Flat broke. And I look into my bank account full of money saved for the trip and I'm tempted to buy Thomas a gift because I know he's going to receive a shitty birthday from the parents. A dinner and an offer to pay car insurance for a few more months. It's pretty gay when your parents make your birthday as meaningless as possible by telling you what your birthday surprise is...and then you have to acknowledge how much thought they actually put into it.

But as I held hands with Thomas while we were watching Scott Pilgrim for the second time (we snuck in without paying, we dirty rebels), I realized that he doesn't really care. He's happy being here, being with me, sitting here laughing at Michael Cera, even though he knows I have a giant girl crush on him and eating popcorn seasoned with white cheddar powder, even though he hates it and I love it to death.

Then I remember what we talked about the night that I met him. I asked him what his thoughts about Vanilla Coke and pizza-flavored Pringles were. He told me he liked both, and on the inside, I swooned. Everyone hates Vanilla Coke and pizza-flavored Pringles, or at least like one and hate the other. But here he was, standing in front of me and at that moment, I wanted a Vanilla Coke and pizza-flavored Pringles. I settle for a cupcake he stole from Wal-Mart. He slaps my cupcake out of my hand and kisses me for the first time. My heart knots up like a sailor's rope.

Three months later, he's picking me up from school every afternoon. My feet are weary and my back pack straps are broken. He's sitting in his green S10 with a huge smile on his face because he's hiding a Three Musketeers and an A&W Cream Soda in the seat for me, a favorite combination I inhabited when we started dating.Because you're worth fighting for

Eight months, and we like to occasionally buy a cheap alfredo and macaroni and cheese pizza, then head down to Vaughn Lakes to eat and feed the ducks our crusts. Thomas catches a duck and pets it with his face full of satisfaction that he's doing it.

And as I'm sitting in this theater that we've snuck into, listening to the actor sing Metric's Black Sheep, my heart is still throbbing. Thomas is deep in the movie, he loves it so much. I know I don't have any money, but when I get home, I set straight to the notebook as I download the soundtrack to the movie. At 4:40AM, this is what is staring back at me.

It's easy to say that he really is worth fighting for.

Aug. 23rd, 2010

Waffle Heart

1001 Goals

While searching for communities to advertise my journal, I came across one called mission101 . After skimming the entries for about fifteen minutes, I really became inspired. You make a list of 1001 goals that you must complete in 101 days. Unfortunately, my troubles will make completing goals take a little longer, so instead, I'll post my 1001 goals in my journal and complete them myself. I'm only going to post fifty at a time, since coming up with 1001 off the top of my head is a little difficult. So here are my first fifty goals. To keep up better with my goals, I'm going to put some in categories to tag.

0001. Graduate high school
0002. Don't drink soda for a year
0003. [Crafts] Make a website to sell my clay necklaces
0004. Get a job
0005. Volunteer for a soup kitchen
0006. Win a contest
0007. [Travel] Visit an amusement park/attraction in every state of the U.S.
0008. Eat a fish taco
0009. [Cooking] Bake 100 things from scratch
0010. [Cooking] Decorate a batch of themed cupcakes every holiday
0011. Have a car wash to save money
0012. [Writing] Make a resume
0013. [Cooking] Learn how to make different kinds of coffee drinks
0014. [Travel] Visit a beach in California
0015. [Writing] Write a book
0016. [Travel] Visit outside of the U.S.
0017. Exercise for two years (or until I meet my goal weight)
0018. [Writing] Start the rough draft of my book
0019. [Crafts/Writing] Start Abby's scrapbook
0020. [Writing] Keep a journal
0021. [Crafts] Paint a Munny
0022. Buy a piece of art
0023. Buy a gym membership
0024. [Cooking] Make a homemade meal
0025. Read 100 books
0026, Throw Thomas a surprise birthday party
0027. Learn yoga
0028. Rent our own place
0029. [Crafts] Paint 100 things
0030. [Writing] Acquire 20 penpals
0031. [Writing] Send 500 postcards
0032. [Travel] Visit 100 coffee shops/independent restaurants
0033. Save $600+ for my trip to Louisiana
0034, Buy a professional camera
0035. Buy 25 books
0036. [Cooking] Make my own doughnuts
0037. Fit into a size 6 jeans.
0038. Get a tan
0039. [Travel] Visit my friends in Mobile
0040. [Travel] Attend AWA one year
0041. [Crafts] Make my own cosplay outfit
0042. Donate money to a charity
0043. [Travel] Eat a hotdog from a vendor in Chicago
0044. [Travel] Eat a hotdog at a Red Sox vs. Yankees game
0045. Give my daughter a giraffe every year for eighteen years. [1/18]
0046. Take photos with my dad
0047. Dye my hair an unnatural color
0048. Meet new people who stay in contact [1/6]
0049. [Travel] Visit Syd and Ashlee in Michigan
0050. [Travel] Visit Chris in Louisiana

In other news, it seems like the hype of the website from the first day has died. I earned $15 in donations three days ago, $32 the day after, and nothing yesterday. I have yet to count all the money, but I'm somewhere in the $300-$325 range, I think. We're already broke from this paycheck and I'm scared I might have to go back and get the $80 we put in there to afford groceries. Thomas says he thinks he can get $100 from his mom, and we still have a few boxes of flavored rice to hold us over.

I felt terrible because Thomas's birthday is tomorrow and I don't have anything to give him because I don't have a job. It would seem senseless to buy him a birthday gift with his money, so I asked if he could just wait until I got this job and got paid. My job interview in today at 2:00pm. Here's hoping everything goes as planned and this job will fix all of our money problems.

Aug. 20th, 2010

Waffle Heart

Travel Marvel

Volkswagon Golf. 1997. When I look at this car, the first thing that comes to my mind is travel commercials. Typical semi-attractive couple sitting on the sidewalk near a beach while the sun is setting. For some reason, she has a piece of white cloth and the wind is whipping it in slow motion into the sky. She thinks this is funny. Car is in the fore ground with the trunk open, revealing all the trunk space and a red cooler stocked full of Sunkist. Your buyer instincts say, "If I have this car, I can travel and see the world and drink coffee in nice-to-do cafes in cities I've never seen before and write stories on laptops".

Well, while I stared at this car, that is exactly what I thought of. Thomas's mom has agreed to buy us a car under $2,000. This one is at a daring $1970 or something like that. And while I sat there, admiring its boxy figure, I was thinking to myself, "I just want to sit in the passenger seat and pretend like I know how to drive a stick shift and say Vroom Vroom."

After we left the mechanic shop who inspected the car, I stopped by the bank to talk to our banker and arrange my bank account details. I deposited the money my best friend, Victoria, had surprised me with last night, plus a little more than we could really afford. I'm hoping that if I just deposit more money than we can really do without (just a tiny bit), then I'll have the money in no time. My bank account now reads $151. Needless to say, I'm an ecstatic camper. I know it's not even close to my goal of $600, but it's a lot closer than I was a week ago. ($20). It's only thanks to the donations.

We didn't have time to go grocery shopping, so Thomas and I had to stop for food on the way home so I wouldn't go without for the night while he was at work. All he had was two $100 bills and the guy couldn't break them, so he ran out of the store, leaving me there to wait while he fetched a candy bar that we felt really guilty for buying.

"What's your name?"
"What's your name?"

Suddenly, I am looking extremely uncomfortable as I'm staring at the face of this five-year-old African-American child. I have no other option but to stare at her face because she has moved it within two inches of mine.

"My name is Hannah. You spell it H-A-N-N-A-A-A."
"That's nice."

The guy comes around the counter and hands me my rootbeer, pretends he doesn't see the child, and walks away.

"My name is Hannah."
"My sister's name is Hailey."

I honestly half expect her to start naming off other people as she whips out her family tree.
I'll be honest, it's not that I don't like children. I have a child of my own who is only three weeks. It's not that I don't like other people. I am just the worst conversationalist to ever conquer this planet, or this Flip's Restaurant for this matter. Inside, I feel sorry for this poor child because she wants a conversation, obviously, and of all the people she asks personal information to, she picks the one who just sucks at conversing. I sit there and wait for her to give up because I'm feeling embarrassed. Yes, me, embarrassed by a five-year-old because my lack of social skills are showing and I don't want to pull the Christianly over-bearing smile and ask through my teeth where her mommy is.

"What's your mom's name?"

She stares at me again. And once again, I feel stupid. Is something wrong with my mom's name?

"This is where I work."

Interesting. So now Flip's is hiring five-year-old entertainers.

"How long have you worked here?"

...Now I feel really stupid. I'm only trying to add to the conversation. She stares at me for a second like I asked something stupid. Then she yells, "I have to make money!" I sit there quietly and don't say anything else. Obviously, I'm not doing to well.

"Why aren't you eating at a table?"
"My food isn't here yet."
"Why aren't you sitting at the table?"
"I'm waiting for my boyfriend."

Like magic, Thomas walks through the door carrying a paper sack and hands the guy at the counter his change. Thomas turns around and notices the five-year-old and smiles at me. I asks him if he wants to pick a table. The five-year-old follows us. Thomas stares at her. She stares at him. He stares at her more and eyes the bag.

"Do...you...want a...Reese Cup?"

She doesn't say yes or no. She only stares at him. I'm almost damning Victoria in my head for making me watch Silent Hill last night. I almost imagine the little black girl raising her arms above her head and cocking her chin to the side as she says sarcastically, "Look...I'm burning," and then combusting at our table.

Thomas takes the Reese Cup out of the package and edges it towards her. She takes it and then immediately shoots off into a mile long sentence that I can't understand, ending with the phrase, "eating my candy, I'mma shove it up their nose." I asks her why she would shove it up their nose, but she goes off on another rampant sentence about her teacher at school. She even starts to bob her head side to side as she talks.


One of the cooks from the back comes to our table and escorts the little girl away. She takes the wrapper off the Reese Cup and then throws the Reese Cup away and plays with the paper. Weird.

Thomas and I start to talk about the trip to Louisiana and how we should go about missing the days from work. All of a sudden, the little girl comes running back with a styrofoam cup in her mouth, torn to pieces. "WATCH ME MAKE THIS INTO SOMETHING BETTER."

She suddenly starts ripping the cup into smaller pieces and throws them into the floor beside our table.

Thomas looks at the mess and asks, "What is it?"


I look at her and asks, "Where are your customers?"

She picks up one of the random pieces and throws it at me. "WANT ONE?"

I look at Thomas and he gathers up our empty food trays. I look at the girl and politely say, "We have to leave now." As we walk towards the door, she starts throwing more pieces as she yells, "DON'T FORGET YOUR CUSTOMERS." Her father comes out and looks at us and says, "You have a great day, come back and see us." He lets out a discreet sigh.

In my head, I pat him on the shoulder.

Aug. 19th, 2010

Waffle Heart


What do people think about when they move out of their parent's house? Freedom. Friends. Alcohol. Alcohol. Alcohol.

Well, real life is typically not like that. My hospital bills can prove that. I say that with the utmost sincerity as I dig this piece of glass out of my foot and stick a round band-aid on it. But this is why I'm making a journal, because no matter how tough life is on me at times, I still enjoy it. 

But let's get down to business. Right now, I'm sitting in the corner of a gray room with the computer I just hooked up last night. In about two weeks, I'll be living in this room for $200 a month. Not bad, right? It has two empty rooms with nothing but a sink and some drawers, a bathroom, and an extra bedroom attached to it. The catch? My boyfriend's mother lives down stairs. I don't know how complicated this will make things. She loves to nag us about the smaller things in life. Our bills, our gas, our car, our messy bed room. But she's his mother and she is loaning us the complete upstairs of his house for only $200 a month. Internet included. And bath water.

On another note, I currently have $68 dollars saved up to go see my dad. Long story short, my dad visits only once every four years and we wrecked our car, so we spend $988 fixing it, now we're broke and can't go see my dad. Unless...

I made a website. Yeah, one of those websites. Where I tell my story and I ask for donations. But instead of lying and saying I have cancer or something incredibly sad, I just told the truth. I want to see my dad. Loan me your money. And then I look at my PayPal this morning and people have already donated. Needless to say, I'm ecstatic. If this works out, I really am going to go get to see my dad. If not, then shit. I guess I will refund everyone's money, because I'm not the type of person to keep it if I'm not using it for what I say I'm using it for. The website is http://savethelee.weebly.com/

If everything goes as planned, I hope to take tons of pictures of my dad and I doing things that you should get to do with your dad. I really want to go hiking with him and take him out to eat at the House of Blues, since I'm visiting during the time of our birthdays. Then I'll post them on the website and make a huge thank you for everyone that donated. Oh, and take videos, too!

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