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Scott Pilgrim

New Friends

Whoa, it looks like I have quite the amount of friends now. Why don't you tell me a little about yourself so I can get to know you?


Lisa. 19 (20 in a month). Sophomore in college. Special Education major. 6 foot tall. In a relationship for half a year so far. Nerdy. In debt. Big baby. Loves giraffes and good music. Dislikes bad grammar and ear wax. Foxy lady. Hi.
What would you like to know? YOu should, like put up some questions for people like me with no imagination.
my initials are JR! my home is also home of the dreaded poutine which was recently made illegal.
I'm impulsive. I'm timid. I do things without reason. I'm in love with characters, words and odors. I enjoy Audrey Hepburn's accent in Roman Holiday. people are interesting, but I would rather spend my time alone than with others. I collect notebooks, journals and tights that I will never wear.
now tell me more about yourself! or do some surveys on your journal or what have you. it's a pleasure to be your LJpal.
I'm awesome.

That is all.
I'm Christine, when I was younger most people called me Chris but now I seem to be known by both names pretty equally. I'm 24, I live in Scotland. I am a single parent and my daughter is 6. We live with my mum, sister and we're getting a new dog on Sunday.

I have a degree in graphic design but so far have not found work in that area and currently am looking for even a stop-gap job - that's not fun. I have a boyfriend called Duncan - we've only been going out about 4 months but I'm very picky so it's quite someting that I like him a lot.

I like punk/ noise/ experimental types of music. I go to lots of gigs (the bf is in a band and also puts on local shows). I like arty/ crafty things and make clothes sometimes. I like indie/ foreign/ arty and otherwise interesting films. I don't drink or take any drugs but I still like going out with friends and having fun. I like reading but rarely do it because I am lazy. I'm usually enthousiastic and happy. :)
I'm Richard, 19, just started my third year of an anatomy degree at University of Glasgow, Scotland. I'm a twin, and my sister is the most important thing to me ever. :D

I love writing - I write poetry and lyrics, and I'm working on a novel. Other interests are learning, Greek mythology, science in general (but particularly human bio, and organic chemistry), geography, and I've started taking some amateur photography for fun (my photo site is on my user info, if you're interested).

I'm 21 (22 on tuesday!) I'm in the military, married, college on the side, I love to read, lord of the rings, harry potter and manga. Lots of manga. Oh and I play wow. I like relaxing at home and I'm not into partying though I drink at special events. I also knit :D

Yeah I really think question would have been a good idea, because I'm reading my post and it sounds like I am a tard. UGH