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Doritos: Late Night Cheeseburger

So, this commercial. Girl gets into a cab, looks like a regular, busy day in downtown New York or something. All of a sudden, she opens a bag of Doritos and the hobo ghetto guy beside the cab turns into a disc jockey, the cars suddenly look cooler, such and such. She then pops out in her frisky black dress and hits the club where it is suddenly night time and cool.

I'm just going to say, first of all, Dorito bags are not the Ocarina of Time. They are not subject to change the sudden time of day. Second of all, if you're eating Doritos, your fingers are going to get the Cheeto effect (Effect where upon cheese dust becomes attached to the finger prints and does not let go, no matter how much you lick or suck. No pun intended). Then you're going to wipe it all over your dress. Don't eat Doritos before you go clubbing. Third...WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU BRING A BAG OF DORITOS TO THE CLUB? You're going to be there for three, maybe four at the most hours. If you bring a bag of Doritos, guys will assume you are a fat ass. Are you going to dance with those Doritos in your hands? What happens if the Miley Cyrus song comes on? Do you put your Doritos in the air and say, "Yeah?". Because that is not part of the Miley Cyrus song.

In real life, this girl is 203lbs. She's wearing a stretchy, black cotton dress by Just My Size. Just...leave your Doritos at home.


Cool Ranch is my favorite, too. :3
Don't eat them a lot, though.
XD Haha, never tried it.
AH! This was a good laugh. I've never seen the commercial, but I can just imagine. I swear, commercials these days are getting ridiculous.


Hehe, made my day.
You're welcome. XD
LOL! This made my night, you are very funny =)

Doritos are gross always
There is more of that where...that came from. e_e
Ha ha ha that was amusing to read :D
I rant a lot. @_@
:D Hey, so do I, so it's always interesting to read someone else ranting as well :D It's good to get this kind of shit off your chest, even if it is about doritos XD
I just do it for fun. XD
This post is awesome.
Kind of makes me wish we had Facebook's Like feature.
lol XD


WHO IS THAT GIRL...she is SOOOO hot!..please let me know her name


Please tell me her name she is really attractive