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I literally slept until 9:00PM today after I was let off from work early. Just went home and passed out. Thomas wakes me up and asks me if I want to sneak into the movies with him and Ian to see Machete. To be honest, I was thinking, "Alright, this movie is going to such leprechaun balls, but if I can get some free nacho cheddar popcorn and a large drink out of this, I'll sit through this two hour shit of a movie."

0073. Go to the movie theater twenty times this year. [1/20]

This was by far one of the funniest movies I have seen this year. I mean, not my favorite movie of the year (because that's Scott Pilgrim), but if I had the money, I'd definitely go to see it again. Danny Trejo is such an ugly motherfucker and he gets so much ass in this movie. He gets ass as an illegal immigrant. And he uses someone's intestines to swing across buildings and shit. What the fuck? Oh well. Props to Troublemaker Productions on this one. And if the credits weren't lying, I really hope there is a Machete Kills and Machete Kills Again production.

I've been working my ass off on ChaCha between having to sleep, shower, and work. I can't work as much as I'd like to, but I'll find out if it's worth it when the 2nd of next month rolls around. As far as the donation site goes, today I made $63.76. I'm waiting to get my first paycheck so I can pay my bills and then I'll be able to make a real estimate of how much will be left over to put into my bank account.

Oh, and here are two of the charms I made to sell, but these particular ones aren't for sell. They're for my friend, Syd. We're both pretty big Potter nerds. In this picture, the one on the right isn't finished yet, but I just finished it about two hours ago and glazed it. It looks great, to be honest. I can't wait to make more and put them on Etsy.com. I haven't decided how much to sell them for. About $10.00 should do. If you can't tell, it's the Golden Snitch and the original Dark Mark (not the movie version, but the cover art version for the book).